Life’s short, Let’s surf!

Just in case this is new to YOU….   Here’s a little information about Wake Surfing.

Wake Surfing is a low-impact water sport! Although it may sound similar to wake boarding, the sport of wake surfing is low impact which means it is less stress on your body and less possibilities for injury . No new lesson “face plants” like beginner wake boarders. The boat speed is almost half as fast as wake boarding (9-11 mph vs. 18-22 mph) so it’s also a little less intimidating for new riders.

If you’ve ever surfed or even dreamed of ocean surfing all it takes is an opportunity to experience the sweet spot of an endless wave and you will be hooked as well…promise!

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Life’s short, Let’s surf…see you at the Lake!


One thought on “Life’s short, Let’s surf!

  1. Do you guys sell wake surfboards? If so what kind of price range do you have? If not, any advice on what to buy? Noticed some are wider and some look skinnier. Looking to spend like around $300.

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